Why Choose Reiki by Jackie?

There are obviously many choices if you would like to become involved in Reiki, either as a client who wishes to receive Reiki treatments, or as a student looking to obtain the necessary knowledge and certifications needed to become a Reiki practitioner.

As a Reiki practitioner and a Reiki Master, Jackie has been helping people to enhance their lives for over 10 years. She believes it is an honor to do so. She has earned numerous Reiki Certifications, among them Master/Teacher and Master/Expert. Jackie believes the many benefits of Reiki, including centering the mind, the body and the spirit, promoting relaxation and natural healing, are available to anyone with the help of the right Reiki practitioner. Her goal, and the goal of Reiki, is to assist people in decreasing their levels of physical and mental stress and enhancing their overall health, comfort and happiness.

For those who would like to become practitioners or teachers of Reiki, Jackie offers educational classes leading to certification as a practitioner and/or teacher.

How to Choose a Reiki Practitioner

If you have decided to give Reiki a try, your first step is to find a Reiki practitioner. Here are just some of the issues that you’ll want to consider when you make the choice of which Reiki practitioner to choose:

  • At Level I, you are permitted to be a Reiki practitioner. However, there are several levels of Reiki teaching, and individuals may be certified as Level II, Level III, and/or Reiki Master/Teacher. All Master/Teachers are practitioners, but not all practitioners are instructors. In most cases, Master/Teachers have gained a broader understanding of the Reiki process and practice as the result of teaching these concepts to others.
  • While experience practicing and/or teaching does not guarantee that the Reiki practitioner or teacher is a perfect match for you, it is probably the best indicator – short of treatment by a practitioner – of whether the teacher will be able to maximize Reiki’s benefits in your case.
  • If you choose a Reiki practitioner with whom you feel comfortable – a person you like – you will be more apt to find it easier to relax and receive the benefits of Reiki treatment.
  • Hear what others have to say. Speaking to friends, associates and others whose opinion you respect may help guide you to the right Reiki teacher.

Reiki Education

In addition to offering Reiki treatments for her clients, Jackie, as a Master/Teacher, also extends her knowledge and experience for those who would like to practice Reiki on themselves and others, and in some cases to begin to teach the principles of Reiki to those who also want to become instructors.

Distance Reiki

Jackie, along with thousands of others who have experienced distance healing, believes that powerful healing energy can be sent across space – long distance. With the proper training, it can be sent to anyone, anywhere, allowing a person who is not present with the teacher to receive the Reiki healing energy.

Reiki by Jackie

As a Reiki Master/Teacher, Jackie has had overwhelming success in assisting clients achieve stress reduction, healing, and the other benefits of Reiki.  To read what some of her clients have to say about the experience, visit Deep Wellness Center.

And to make an appointment for a Reiki treatment, or to learn about the other services offered by Jackie, click here.