The Second Precept

We often spend time – too much time, in many cases – worrying about the future. It is clear to most of us that worry itself gets us nowhere. We begin with a fear of the unknown. This is often some future event or situation that has yet to happen and may never happen, and over which we have little or no control. Many of us, perhaps even without being fully aware of what we’re doing, attempt to “think our way” past the fear. Our experience is that we cannot think our way past fear or worry, nor can we think our way happy.

The difficulty is that we are attempting to find peace, serenity, and even happiness, by “figuring out” the future and the unknown. Yet no matter how much or how deeply we think about the situation, the fear remains. And after years of trying to think our way through these issues, worry becomes a habit – our fallback position whenever fear of the future rears its ugly head. Fear, of course, is part of life. No one realistically expects to be free from fear at all times. On the other hand, our experience, and the lessons we learn from Reiki principles and practice, is that the solution to reduce worry is not more thinking. The solution is action. That action can take many forms. Examples include practicing compassion, meditation, physical exercise, and expressing our fears out loud by speaking about them with those close to us. Our experience is that just for today, these types of actions work to reduce fear, reduce anxiety, and reduce worry. If we were to sum up the overall concept, we might say that right action leads to right thinking, and that action is the key to reducing fear in our lives.