Animal reiki – Animals love and respond to Reiki in much the same way as people. Whether they are large or small, friendly or fierce, animals, like humans, are quite attuned to Reiki’s healing energy. They also enjoy the same benefits as people, including deep relaxation and stress relief.

Jackie is certified in animal Reiki (as well as being a Reiki Master/Teacher), and enjoys providing these benefits to dogs, cats, horses, and other pets and farm animals. As the treatment works on humans, animal Reiki travels where it is needed the most. Interestingly, the only significant difference is that animals will frequently guide your hands to the right locations where it can do the most good. They do this by changing position until your hands are in the position where Reiki can provide the greatest benefit. Animals will also signal by increasing their distance from you when they feel the treatment should be concluded.

There are many animals that can enjoy Reiki treatments. In addition to household pets, Reiki can make an enormous difference for furry residents of animal shelters, ranches, and veterinary offices. Email Jackie ( to learn more about animal Reiki in general, and about how it can help the animal(s) you love.