“The feeling of de-stressing after a Reiki session by Jackie is always amazing. It helps me physically, mentally and emotionally.”  Doug

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Jackie has been a Reiki practitioner for almost 10 years. Her Reiki certifications include Master Expert and Master Teacher. During this time, she has had a first-hand look at the benefits Reiki has bestowed on herself, her clients, and those she has taught. Those benefits include, of course, the promotion of relaxation and healing, as well as centering the mind, the body, and the spirit. She strives to help her clients reduce stress both mentally and physically, and to enhance their overall health and happiness.

Here are what some of her clients have had to say:

“I feel sooo much lighter and clearer after Reiki with you on Saturday!  Great Job!  Will for sure see you again.  Thanks for your kindness.”  Cheryl

“Thank you, Jackie for the amazing energy you shared with me during our last reiki session. I feel lighter and more positive!!!!”  Debbie

“I had my first Reiki experience by Jackie when I was pregnant over the winter. I had horrible insomnia, and was overall very uncomfortable, but after a session with Jackie I slept so well and felt more relaxed than ever. Highly recommend, especially for prenatal!”  Melissa

To see comments from some of her other students, visit deepwellnesstherapy.com.